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I Want To Ride With The Wind

I have heard of the brand MSI before but apart from the low price, I was not really attracted to it. Yesterday, though, I accidentally saw an ad for the MSI Wind, a purported Asus Eee PC killer. As you may know, I have been wanting to buy a small laptop. Well, let's just say that the Wind has captured my heart.

More info from PC Corner:
Intel® Atom™ 45-nm CPU @ 1.6GHz
1.0Gb DDR2 667MHz

10in. WVGA
Wireless G with 1.3MP camera

4-in-1 Card reader

Li-ION Cell Battery (upgrade to 6-cell approx. +PhP 4.5K)

Note . . .2.5hrs. Battery !!!!!! (for 3-cell)

It looks really nice - more "mature" than the NEO eXplore. What really sold me on this idea (to get the Wind) is the fact that it has an 80G HDD. It also weighs in at about 1Kg!

Remember my post on being easily hooked on things? Well, I really want this laptop and I can't get it out of my mind. I am trying because I know I can't get it right now. PC Corner only has the pink version and they want cash for it. I MIGHT (though I doubt it right now) be able to do something about the second consideration but I am NEVER getting a pink laptop!

I really want this!


  1. I want a PINK LAPTOP!!!!!! get it for me Numi. get it, get it, get it. hehehehehe.

  2. I would never buy a pink laptop either but that laptop seems to be really cool. I'm going to check it out and thanks for the information

  3. Well, you know my stand on this. I have my iBook, but I really really really wanted the Asus eee PC, so this looks good as well. I love pink, but this I want in white!

    *sigh* blogs and additional cravings for unneeded mini laptops...what have you guys done to me?

  4. Vicki - nuninuninu.

    Hanen - yeah you should check it out. Some say it's the best choice right now.

    Aves - ha ha. Blogs and unneeded things, huh? You tell me! ;)

  5. dude, check out the new Acer Aspire One mini notebook, looks better than msi or Asus!I heard they will be selling it for 18k only.

  6. Really, Ren? I should check this out. Thanks!


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