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Homemaking Headaches

I never really realized how much of a headache maintaining a home or apartment could be. As a child, when problems such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and the like arose, my dad would take care of everything in a flash. As such I do not really recall having to deal with these kinds of inconveniences all that much.

Since I started living in apartments, though, I have had more than my share of clogged sinks, toilets, and busted lighting fixtures. This week doesn't seem to be my week.

Our kitchen sink got clogged up on Monday so I poured some liquid into it. It was supposed to melt whatever was clogging the pipes. Unfortunately, it also melted the aluminum tube! Our maintenance guy replaced it immediately but it seems that the sealant he used did not work so the sink is now leaking AND is still clogged. How can that be?

Apparently, they constructed the sinks in our apartment and the adjacent one in such a manner that the pipes are connected. Now, our next door neighbors have a clogged sink as well!!!

This is not only inconvenient (we can't use the sink till they fix it, which they have not done) but also embarrassing. It's a good thing that we are on great terms with the neighbors.

Photo courtesy of craig1black (nope that is not my sink but it certainly had that much water!)


  1. Wow!! That really sucks. If you want to look on the bright side though, house problems like the ones you mentioned are usually easier solved in Apartments and Condominiums because there usually is a ready electrician or plumber or a landlord armed and more than willing to give you a number for one. In a house, you have to SEARCH and this takes a while. Plus, the charge seems higher for some reason.


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