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Gadget Cravings Extremely Satisfied

If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I have had this strong cravings for new gadgets in the past month. I am glad to say that it is finally over. After Koryu, I don't think I would want something else for the meantime.

Of course, there are always other things that I could get to enhance her performance but since she has everything I need, I do not really see myself running around to go shopping. If I had gotten the Acer Aspire One, which I was actually tempted to do, I would probably be looking around for flash memory in order to augment the 8G SSD storage device that it comes with.

Lucky for me, the MSI Wind has an 80G hard drive!

One last thing - I ordered a skin for her top. You'll see it soon enough when it arrives. ;)


  1. Ang cute nga eh. If I end up being a good girl for a year I'll buy me a new model of something that small.... And in pink too!

  2. The last line (of the comment) made me laugh...Numi you know why! HAHAHA

  3. *sigh* my gadget craving isn't satisfied yet, and the Aspire One is still as gorgeous as ever. I don't mind getting the flash memory, I kind of like the idea of SSD...I just have to keep telling myself that it'll be even cheaper next year :)


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