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EPL-English Premier League

I used to play sports a lot when I was in high school and even today, I don't think I have totally outgrown my love for sports. Though I am sure I would not be able to play, I still enjoy watching sports on TV. My favorites are basketball and soccer. I have kept myself updated on basketball (NBA) but not really on soccer.

That is why I have been browsing blogs on this sport. I know it is called football in England - but that's about it. I like this blog called EPL-English Premier League. It gives you a whole lot of information on the League - from the squads to the upcoming matches and even live scores!

Surprisingly (or maybe not), you can also find other kinds of information within the blog. I think that though the blog is mainly about football - or soccer - it is refreshing to read about other bits of information from time to time so it's all good.


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