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Birthday Gift Ideas

August is a big month for my family. My mom, my sister, and my brother all celebrate their birthdays in August. As early as now, I have to look for gift ideas for the three of them.

I already have something in mind for Silas - a boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia. I have been giving him video gaming stuff for the past year and I think it's about time that he gets books. He loves to read and I think that the video games have distracted him from this activity.

For Hannah and my mom, it's a bit trickier. Since mom loves trinkets, I have been looking into Tahitian pearls. I saw some really nice earrings made of these pearls and I think that she would love them. She's always had this penchant for pearls, I don't know why.

As for Hannah - who is the only one among the three who reads this blog - I am keeping it a secret. :p


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