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Sam's 3rd Birthday

As I was sitting there watching Sam and the kids enjoy the party, I had a flashback. Something that happened many years ago flashed in my head so clearly. I was in college and we went swimming with some of my org mates. While lounging at the pool side, I saw this huge family with lots of young children. In their midst was a young child of maybe about 6 years and I couldn't help but notice how the other children lavished their attention on him. Their immense love for their brother or cousin was unmistakable. The young child had Down's Syndrome. It occurred to me then how special that kid really was.

Looking back, the scene didn't really mean anything to me personally at that time. Last Saturday, though, seeing how our little cousins behaved around Sam, I understood fully how that family felt about their little boy.

At three, Sam may not be like other kids his age but there is no doubt that he is more loved by everyone around him.

We all had a grand time at his party and I am sure that Sam did also. He kept grinning and looking around and trying to talk. He played with the other children and kept trying to get the attention of the clowns. Every time the kids would shout "Happy Birthday Sam!" - and they did this a lot - Sam's head would spin, trying to find who was calling his name.

I remembered Mom's post on her blog. She's right - Sam has brought everyone in our family closer and he is perhaps the best thing that has happened to us. Sam turned three today and we are all grateful to God for bringing him into our lives.

Here are some pictures of his party.
Sam with his Uncles

Sam just couldn't keep his eyes off the clown.

With Lolo and Lola

Sam's friend Yuri.
She also has Prader-Wili and is only 11 months old.
They hit it off immediately!

Of course, I had to put our picture here.
With Nikki and Lenna.


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