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Loving Sparky

I have been itching to write an entry about the newest addition to our family but due to the nature of the situation, I had to postpone it. Since it has been several weeks now, I suppose it is fine to write about Sparky - a Lenovo 3000 H desktop that "fell into our hands" courtesy of Jer's ex-job. Let's just say that he is a blessing that Jer worked hard for.

Sparky's real cool - top of the line. The timing is perfect, too, as we have been thinking of upgrading Tori (our old PC, which is now with Silas) since we wanted something with better specs. Sparky's got everything on the high end of PC specs - 160G HDD, 1 G computer memory, and he comes with a 17-inch (I think) flat screen monitor.

Though I have been wanting a laptop, I think that Sparky is just as good.


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  2. Wow, this post has inspired me to name my computers. lol! :-)

  3. Hi! And thanks for dropping by.
    Monterines - visited your blog and looking forward to more content. :)

    Henry - my husband started the naming thing. Most of our "toys" have names. It's childish but fun! ;)

  4. It not childish. Your childish lol :P

    Hi Henry there is another post about my other childish acts and the names of are other toys if you would like to read that.

    Thanks for understanding have a good one.

  5. oh cool! :) good for you. husband would like a new laptop ...hehe


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