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Looking For A New Template

When I migrated to Blogger, I had a difficult time choosing my template. There were many free templates to choose from but I did not find one that suited my preferences easily. I settled for this template because I thought it was simple and I liked the colors.

Now that I have been working on this blog for a couple of months, I think that it is time that I use a template that reflects my theme even better. I do not know where to to find one but I am hoping that I will find one soon. I do not have a clear idea of what I want the template to be except that I want something with shades of black and blue. I want a dragon and/or a butterfly. I want something dreamy.

Do you know what I am talking about? Anyone know where I can get a template or find someone who can do it for me? I am willing to pay if the price is reasonable. :)

Do send me a message if you think you can help me out. Thanks!


  1. Existe muita coisa na Internet. Mas vou lhe dar 2 sugestões: Ou vai ao Forum e coloca a pergunta e obterá algumas respostas ou no Google faz uma pesquisa "Templates for Blogger"
    Mas o seu blog já é bonito tal como está.
    Eu gosto do layout e dos posts.
    Boa sorte.

  2. Hi Noemi,

    Here is a good site with many, many free blogger templates:

    You can do a google search "free blogger templates" and find other good ones. Some of them have glitches, such as with adding widgets.

  3. Hi. Saw your blog in Link Referral. Please check my blog, I recently wrote a post with 2 great free template resources:

  4. hi girl! i am not even thinking of changing my template because then i will lose all my formatting!

    i don't have the patience to redo everything!

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! Jose, I wish I could read Spanish (it is Spanish right?). :)

    Posh, yeah you're right. That is why I am trying to look for someone who would do it for me. :p


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