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Grandmas And Blogging

I don't remember if I wrote something about our mother taking up blogging recently. It was my sister who introduced it to her. Our mom has been retired for a long time now and she has always kept herself busy. In the last year, however, she was slowed down a bit when her cataract operation turned awry, taking away the sight from one of her eyes. Though she has not been very vocal about it, I know that it is one of her biggest setdowns in her life.

That is why I am glad that she has found blogging. I know for a fact how blogging can become an outlet and that is always a good thing. I realized even more that blogging spans generations and purposes.

Yesterday, I ran across a blog entry by Grace Chong, a well known author here in the Philippines. She called it "Should Grandmas Blog?" In my mind, I was shouting "YES!" Our generation may take blogging for granted. We may see it in many ways, one of which is to make extra income here and there, but I think for people like our mom, blogging can mean something so much more.

Do visit our mom's blog when you have time!


  1. WOW, I can see where you got your writing skills! Go Gramma--perhaps a novel is the next step? I love her story about being born again.

    But I'm confused. I thought you were from the Phillipines--but your mother's English is perfect. I don't understand:) Where are you from, Dreamwalker?

  2. Hey Holly, thanks! Yup, my mom used to be a gradeschool teacher and she was my first writing coach. :) I still remember her helping me with the essays I had to write for school. And yes, we are from the Philippines.


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