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Elevator Dreams

I have heard of people having recurring dreams but people in my circle do not seem to have them. Maybe it's because we do not talk about it?

I have this dream that keeps recurring. I haven't dreamt of it for a while but it does come back at least once a month. In my dream, I am in the elevator. It would sway as if it were held by just a single cable. It would go up to hundreds of floor, tilting and swaying all the while. It would never stop on the floor that I want.

It's a scary dream but I do not understand. I have had this dream for years. I take elevators every day. Does this dream mean something or do I just have an overactive imagination?


  1. oh i dunno...i can't really interpret dreams. but i don;'t like it when there are scary dreams. maybe you can pray about it?

  2. WOW. Scary! Maybe it means you feel like someone (or something else) is in control and throwing you off balance.

  3. It is scary, Holly. The good thing is that I think I haven't had a dream like this in the past month. And yeah, I have control freak tendencies - the slightest threat to my having control and I am up in arms.

  4. hey there. this is an old post of yours, i know, but i have the exact same dream. the reason i'm searching this right now is because i just had an elevator dream last night. hahahaha, kind of weird aren't they?

    if you wanna talk about it, you can hit my google account.

  5. Hi Jade, I had another of these dreams the other night. They just come and go - really weird.


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