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Dealing With Immigration: Annual Fee

Having to go to the Bureau of Immigration is one of the things that we dread the most. If you think about it, dealing with government offices is almost always a tedious task. Being able to get Jerry the spousal visa last year has spared us from having to go to Immigration for many months but unknown to us, he has to pay an annual fee every January. I do not know what this annual fee is but there is no way around it. It is not such a big amount but for every month late, you add extra charges.

So it's June now, we have to multiply that charge by 5 months. Jerry was supposed to go today but I guess procrastination is setting in again. I can't blame him. I do not want to go there myself.

Why does bureaucracy have to be this unpleasant? Why can't we have simpler and more streamlined processes instead of all the red tape? Is this something that comes with the "developing country" label or is it something we are just not doing anything about?

(I can't wait till it's time to renew his visa in September...)

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  1. ugh that really sucks. I have a lot of friends dealing with immigration, and they say it costs too much.

  2. yup - though it should not, really. sometimes certain fees are added, though. c'est la vie. :(


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