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Criminal Minds Season 3 Finale: Who Got Blown Up?

We finished watching the third season of Criminal Minds last night and as with every TV series finale, we were left wanting for more. The last build up to the last scene was quite dramatic, with the music letting you know that something big was going to happen. Each member of the team got into their cars and when the last car door slammed closed -BOOM! One of the SUVs exploded! Who got blown up?

I don't know. Jer and I were talking about it and we were thinking, who wouldn't we miss? I say Prentiss. She is not a bad actress but her character does not really contribute much to the group dynamics. What do you think?

By the way, I discovered a really good blog on Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds Fanatics has all sorts of info on the show and the actors. If you like the show, you should pay it a visit.



  2. Thank you for kind words about my blog. Ed Bernero sent me the season four promo and it is posted on my blog. Here is the link and please vote in the polls and leave a comment:


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