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This Thing Called Marriage

I was reading a favorite blog of mine the other day - Husbandclothes - and it got me thinking. Holly wrote about funny ideas that she had about marriage - way back when she was single, I assume. The thing about her list is that, I have to admit, I thought about some of the things there as well!

I thought that I would be stronger, wiser, and more practical than those who have gone before me. I thought that I could hold on to my beliefs and principles no matter what. I knew - without a doubt - that I would be able to handle anything that came my way.

I would be able to be a loving wife no matter what. I would be able to argue calmly and not lose my temper. I would be able to see beyond the imperfections of our relationship. I would be able to do these things and more.

I couldn't have been more wrong! Marriage is a wonderful thing yet it does warp a lot of beliefs that you held to be true when you were single. Marriage teaches you a lot of things - about life, about other people, and most of all, about yourself.


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  2. Hi Dreamwalker,

    I love the way you phrase these thoughts. Isn't that precisely it? We think for some reason that we can do it differently...think stronger than those before us.

    Well, at least in your case (and mine), it looks like we chose good guys. Thank heaven for that.


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