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There Goes My Vacation?

PLEASE NO! I only take major vacations twice a year. I look forward to these times as I work hard year round and it is only during these breaks that I can totally forget my work load. Work hard, play harder - totally cliche but true as well.

Anyhow, you saw the DHL post I had earlier. We had a box shipped from the U.S. last Wednesday and according to the agreement with DHL, it should have been delivered today (3 days express shipping). Of course, being the eager beavers that we are, we constantly track the status of the box.

The last update? 2.56 this morning.

Status? Clearance delayed.

Countless calls to DHL have yielded nothing. First it was this: "Oh it's a routine check by Customs. It will be released soon."

Then it became this: "Customs has it, there is nothing we can do. We cannot assure when the box will be released."

Then Jerry called and got a teeny bit of info - the name and number of the Customs Agent who is supposed to be handling the issue (WHAT ISSUE? THE BOX HAS VIDEO GAMES, TOILETRIES, CANDIES, AND LINGERIE FOR GOODNESS' SAKE!!!). Of course they gave the name after 6 PM - no one was at the office when I called.

What do they want? How long does it take to examine a small box? There is no bomb there, nothing illegal, nothing dangerous. Oh, did I forget to mention that "small" matter of a certain PS3 game that was released on Wednesday? A Special Edition one, by the way. Yeah, it's in the box.

(Apparently this clearance delay experience we are having is not unique. Migs from Davao experienced something similar earlier this year.)

So what has this got to do with my vacation? We are supposed to leave for the beach on Wednesday. If we do not get the box before then, Jerry does not want to leave. It is understandable - what if the box arrives when we're out? We're supposed to be away for 5 days. Darn DHL. Darn Customs. Can someone explain to me why it has to be this complicated?


  1. I don't want to talk about this am so mad at customs and DHL will never use them again.


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