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SPURS Hanging on by the Skin of Their Teeth: Game 5

Halfway through the first quarter and the Spurs are doing a decent job - they're even up by 3. The question is: will Manu deliver tonight? Will the Spurs have enough strength and will to get past this game even if Manu doesn't play well? This could very well be their last game for the season!

End of 1st quarter - Manu just made a 3-pointer! The Lakers do not seem to be doing well and we're up by 13. Let's hope that this momentum will last for the next 3 quarters.

Start of 3rd quarter and Manu is starting to show the signs of the "old" Manu...perhaps Justin is right. He made a bold prediction after that awful loss last time: The Spurs will win Game 5.

And the famed Spurs drought is happening again - without Kobe, without Gasol. I don't understand!!! Can someone enlighten me?

LA 64-SA 63. The Spurs were up there. This is reminiscent of Game 1. We do have a game still, though. If only the Spurs can hold on...

Why does Kobe have to be so good? Why does Manu have to be so inconsistent? C'est la vie. Congratulations, Nikki!!!


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