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SA SPURS: On to the Western Conference Finals

It's official! The Spurs are moving on to the Western Conference Finals. This is going to be good as they are going against the Lakers (the team which I dislike the most - sorry Nikki!). Yahoo's scoreboard (yup, I had to be content with this, dang SkyCable!):


  1. Hi
    Like the notion of walking in dream, and thats the height of virtual imaginations.
    Keep up the dreams--coz, those who dream can do it.
    Best, MT

  2. You got the idea MT. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Are you ready for game 1 tomorrow? See you in Staples Center.

  4. We're as ready as we can be - and that is saying a LOT. The question is: Are YOU ready?

    See yah!

  5. We are ready. :-) Let's switch to Destiny. (They have Basketball TV)


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