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SA SPURS - LA LAKERS Game 2 Underway

It has started. I really hope that the story will have a different ending today. It's just the first half and the Lakers are up by 4. One big change in the Spurs' strategy is that Manu is not starting - just like the old days. Perhaps coming in from the bench will make a difference. We'll see. I am still half asleep...

Start of the second quarter - Manu does not seem to be doing anything right. He has had a couple of turnovers, several missed shots, and just got called for an offensive foul. Oh my.

Half time - LA 46 SA 37. The Spurs need to do something! I think their shooting percentage is about 38%! For the last 9 minutes of the 2nd quarter, only Duncan and Parker scored. What is happening? I cannot believe for one moment that the Lakers are better than the Spurs!

LA 74 SA 57. It doesn't look good but there's still the 4th quarter. And it's merely the second game after all. GO SPURS!

We lost by 30 points - 101 to 71. That was really painful.


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