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Of Discipline

Leaving the mall on a Friday night - a payday Friday - is one of the worst situations you can be in in Manila. You won't believe just how difficult it could be until you find yourself waiting for a cab for hours. There are many factors that make it such a hideous thing:

1. The sheer number of people waiting for cabs makes the wait a long one.
2. Many cab drivers have their own issues:
-They pick destinations they will take passengers to.
-They do not want to use their meters.
-They want passengers to add to the meter fare.
All of these are, of course, not legal but it doesn't stop them!
3. The mall has designated taxi bays. The idea is for people to line up properly and wait for their turn. More so, this practice should force taxi drivers to go into the taxi bays and NOT be able to do the three things mentioned above.
What really bugged me tonight was the fact that people were doing this right under the noses of the mall's security people! I tried ignoring it for a while but couldn't stand it so I approached one guard. He did something for a while - he started directing cabs to enter the taxi lane but not everyone did.

It may seem that I am ranting because I am tired - it is true. But I see a deeper issue here. We Filipinos whine and rant every single day. Our country is going to the dogs. Our politicians are corrupt. No one is to be trusted. The rich is getting richer and the poor poorer. The politicians and the rich are to blame.

Are they really?

If the average Filipino cannot do something as simple as follow simple rules because they can do something more convenient to their benefit, how can we expect those in power to be better?


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