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I Missed a Pill!!!

This might be oversharing for some but I can't help it! Right after I posted the DHL update, I went to the fridge to get a drink and guess what I saw? My pack of BCP! For the first time, I missed a pill!!! (Needless to say, water spewed all over the kitchen...)

Believe me, I am very very conscientious when it comes to taking the pill. Getting pregnant is NOT on my list right now.

Of course, this prompted me to do research and this is what I found (thanks NZGirl):

If it is more than 12 hours late, take the missed active pill as soon as you remember even if you take two active pills in one day. Take your next pill at the usual time and discard any earlier missed pills. It’s important that you use another contraceptive method until you have taken 7 consecutive active pills. If the pack has less than 7 active pills take all active pills as normal, then throw the pack away (do not take the sugar pills) and immediately start a new pack taking an active pill from the corresponding weekday. Since there is no 7-day break from the active pills you may not have a period until the new pack is finished. Some spotting or light bleeding may occur during this time.

Ok, I am probably overreacting. It is SCARY though.


  1. well i guess if you don't want it yet, that would be a scare. but for us who are trying, well, any sign would be a welcome news...hehe all the best!

  2. yeah not yet...all the best to you too!


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