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Hiding from Daylight

Saturdays have always been busy for me - not unlike my weekdays. The main difference is that I normally stay at home. Today has been quite different.

For some reason, I just could not muster much motivation to work. Oh, I tried. I stared at my computer screen for hours. I even planned on going out for a bit to get my blood going but to no avail.

Today, my bedroom was my world.

It was not all that unproductive, though. For one, I was able to catch up on some reading. Another thing I realized is that my bedroom is quite bare. At one point, I found myself staring at nothing but white walls, the white cabinets, and the white ceiling. The room is screaming for decorations. Perhaps I can start with a simple sconce for the wall.

Anyhow, it is almost midnight and my lethargy is starting to fade - I think.


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