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Food Tripping in Puerto Galera: White Beach

Whenever we go on vacation, we always look forward to the food experience. When we go to the beach, we look for (you guessed it) seafood. This is the biggest disappointment for this trip. I don't know why, but seafood is hard to find in Puerto Galera!

The resort's restaurant had tanigue when we first came but one slab cost Php300! After that, they rarely had fish. On our first night, we went to White Beach to sample a more varied fare but all we saw was grilled meat - pork, beef, and chicken - but only a handful of poor looking seafood.

I was determined to find good seafood, though, so we went back the next day. I was in for more disappointment. I had to stick to good old liempo.

Persistent me, I dragged Jer back to White Beach the following day. This time, our efforts were rewarded. Peter's Inn and Restaurant had ONE slab of blue marlin steak and believe me, we snapped it up before you could say blue marlin!

See for yourself:

That's garlic butter sauce on the side - it was good!

A few minutes (ok, maybe longer) later:

Remnants of the steak

I had to have a glass of red wine after that meal! Sad to say, that was the best that we could get for the duration of our stay.


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