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DHL Frustration

When Jerry wants something, he has to get it. Take GTA IV for example. Ever since word got out that it was going to be released this April, he was hell bent on getting it on the night it was going to be released. Of course he did - he reserved it 6 months in advance and had Dad and Karen get it the night they released it.

I was a bit irked at first, but only because it cost us $200 - for the game and shipping combined. But oh well, it's GTA IV.

Now we're frustrated. Dad shipped it through DHL Wednesday night. It should be here by now - that's why people pay big bucks to use DHL, right?

Well, take a look at this:

It's been like that since 2.56 this morning. What are they doing? There is nothing illegal in that box - a DVD game, toothpaste, and soap! The frustration is getting to me!!!


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