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Cry For Help: Tito Lito

Filipinos are known to be very close to their families - and we are not an exception. We are perhaps even closer than normal. As such, at this time, when our uncle (Tito Lito) is facing one of the most challenging times in his life, we all come together to help out in any way we could. Hannah, my sister, has already posted an entry in her blog and now it's my turn.

Tito Lito had an angiogram over the weekend and the findings show that he has 5 clogged veins. In fact, there are 6, but the 6th is quite minor compared to the other 5. The doctor recommends that angioplasty be done soon. We would have had it done immediately if we had the means but they require about PhP 1 Million for the procedure!

Our Tito Lito is a government employee, and so is his wife, Tita Arni. We all know how little the government pays. They have three children - Angel, who is in college, Gio, who is entering high school, and Silas, who is in grade school. With the normal expenses that they have, they are barely able to make ends meet.

That is why I am writing this entry. I am writing in the hopes that God will touch the hearts of some people out there. Any form of help would do - prayers and financial, both.

Let me tell you more about Tito Lito. He is, perhaps, one of the kindest people I know. He is dedicated to God and his faith. He is such a hard worker - which is, we suspect - why he has this condition when he has no vices (such as smoking or drinking) at all. If we were to adopt a questioning stand, we would be asking "Why him?" He has lived such a good life. He does not deserve this.

Yet he himself has not asked this question. He stands strong in his faith and believes that "all things work together for good, to them that love the Lord." I do not claim to have the faith that he has but it strengthens me to see how they are dealing with this.

I am praying, as I haven't prayed in a long time. God, please make him alright. Please provide for their needs so that this procedure can be carried out in the soonest possible time. I hope he touches your heart through this post.


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