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Crime Suspense Brings Relief

Not being able to watch Game 7 of the San Antonio Spurs - NewOrleans Hornets series really got to me. As such, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out a way that I could watch Game 1 of the SA Spurs - LA Lakers series. I really do not want to spend hours surfing channels and seeing only the golfers and their golf equipment on TV. Not that I have anything against other sports - it's just that I really want to watch all the games of the Spurs starting with the Western Conference Finals.

Thank God for Crime Suspense then. I think they used to be RPN 9. It's on local TV so that means I will be able to watch it even on SkyCable. Oh, and thanks to Justin for pointing this out to me. It seems that all the NBA games will now be shown locally until the season ends. Woohoo!


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