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Are We Being Materialistic?

Even when I was a teenager, I used to sometimes think that I got too attached to my material possessions - as few and as invaluable they were. Today, as I found myself thinking about wanting to buy all sorts of things (yet again) I got to thinking about materialism.

Merriam-Webster defines materialism as:

a preoccupation with or stress upon material rather than intellectual or spiritual things.

Being materialistic, then, is having the quality of being preoccupied (let's say obsessed?) with "worldly" possessions.

It seems to me that I have this tendency to want many things - maybe some of them are needs while others are wants. Let me think aloud here:

-a new laptop
-an iPod Touch
-a Sony camera
-an iPhone
-a new watch for Jerry
-an HD TV (probably for Jerry again)
-a new L-shaped sofa

I think I'll stop here. I think that out of the 7, only one is a real need - the watch. I was looking at watches online because Jerry's watch has broken down. He is really into watches. I think he wants a Breitling or a Rolex but I found some really nice deals on another good brand - Glashutte. I have been looking at various models and it seems that they have really cool designs and you can even buy pre-owned ones in very good condition.

Is wanting to buy something that you need a sign of being materialistic? Perhaps not. Then again, spending too much time thinking of what you want to buy if you do not really have the cash to buy them just might be...What do you think?


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