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Another Night With the Boys

Hannah called me earlier this afternoon and urgently asked me to have Jer pick up the kids because an electric pole (complete with transformers!) fell in the street. I don't know how that can happen but it did and so they have no electric till it gets fixed. Anyhow, Jer picked them up and we went out for dinner at Fazoli's. I love it when Silas tries to emulate whatever his Kuya Jer does. Look at the way he's eating his pizza!

How long they're staying for this time, I don't really know but I am a bit apprehensive because the boys are going to be left at home alone. Well, not really alone as they would be with Jerry and Jamu but I am afraid I might get home and find all sorts of things have happened! With Jerry wanting a pet for so long and with the kids here as an excuse, I might just come home to pets everywhere - kittens, puppies, all sorts of things. Not to mention cat supplies and toys!

It's past bedtime - time to be a mommy! ;)


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