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I'm Not Ready to be a Parent

When I was a teenager, I had clear plans for my life - grand plans, I must say. I was going to get my degree by the time I was 21. Then I was going to work for a big technology company. I was going to get married a couple of years after that and I was going to have my first child by the time I was 25 (26 at the latest). Little did I know that life has a way of making your plans go awry. Little did I know that I would change that much and go in a totally different direction. I finally got my degree when I was 25. I never worked as an engineer. My first job was teaching English and my current job is still in this field. At 25, getting married was the furthest thing from my mind. The greatest realization, perhaps, is that I do not want to have kids. Oh, I love kids. You can see from my posts how much time I have been spending with Silas, Sam, and Gio these past few weeks. I love being with them and taking care of them. But I do not think I can take on the responsibility of ha

Of Discipline

Leaving the mall on a Friday night - a payday Friday - is one of the worst situations you can be in in Manila. You won't believe just how difficult it could be until you find yourself waiting for a cab for hours. There are many factors that make it such a hideous thing: 1. The sheer number of people waiting for cabs makes the wait a long one. 2. Many cab drivers have their own issues: -They pick destinations they will take passengers to. -They do not want to use their meters. -They want passengers to add to the meter fare. All of these are, of course, not legal but it doesn't stop them! 3. The mall has designated taxi bays. The idea is for people to line up properly and wait for their turn. More so, this practice should force taxi drivers to go into the taxi bays and NOT be able to do the three things mentioned above. What really bugged me tonight was the fact that people were doing this right under the noses of the mall's security people! I tried ignoring it for

SPURS Hanging on by the Skin of Their Teeth: Game 5

Halfway through the first quarter and the Spurs are doing a decent job - they're even up by 3. The question is: will Manu deliver tonight? Will the Spurs have enough strength and will to get past this game even if Manu doesn't play well? This could very well be their last game for the season! [UPDATE] End of 1st quarter - Manu just made a 3-pointer! The Lakers do not seem to be doing well and we're up by 13. Let's hope that this momentum will last for the next 3 quarters. [UPDATE] Start of 3rd quarter and Manu is starting to show the signs of the "old" Manu...perhaps Justin is right. He made a bold prediction after that awful loss last time: The Spurs will win Game 5. [UPDATE] And the famed Spurs drought is happening again - without Kobe, without Gasol. I don't understand!!! Can someone enlighten me? [UPDATE] LA 64-SA 63. The Spurs were up there. This is reminiscent of Game 1. We do have a game still, though. If only the Spurs can hold on..

Are We Being Materialistic?

Even when I was a teenager, I used to sometimes think that I got too attached to my material possessions - as few and as invaluable they were. Today, as I found myself thinking about wanting to buy all sorts of things (yet again) I got to thinking about materialism. Merriam-Webster defines materialism as: a preoccupation with or stress upon material rather than intellectual or spiritual things. Being materialistic, then, is having the quality of being preoccupied (let's say obsessed?) with "worldly" possessions. It seems to me that I have this tendency to want many things - maybe some of them are needs while others are wants. Let me think aloud here: -a new laptop -an iPod Touch -a Sony camera -an iPhone -a new watch for Jerry -an HD TV (probably for Jerry again) -a new L-shaped sofa I think I'll stop here. I think that out of the 7, only one is a real need - the watch. I was looking at watches online because Jerry's watch has broken down. He is

15 Ways to Make ME Happy

So you're in a relationship and your partner starts nagging. She tells you that you just don't understand her, and that she really wishes that you would just do more "little things." That's how David Wygant over at Yahoo started his article " 15 Ways to Keep Your Partner Happy. " From the get go, I knew that it was going to be a good read! He went on to say: It's not the big things that make her happy; it's paying attention to the little details and showing you care that is really meaningful. She doesn't necessarily need lavish gifts -- she needs to know you're thinking about her. I checked the author again - maybe I was mistaken, maybe the author is a woman. But no, the author of this wonderful article is very much a man. The next step? I sent the article to Jer. His reply? You are a dork but I'll read it anyway. A few minutes later, he sends me a message: Number 7 NEVER. (Number 7 reads: Let her have control of the

SA SPURS - LA LAKERS Game 4 @ Home

The game is not starting off well and I have a sinking feeling in my stomach. The 1st quarter is almost over and Manu has not shown any signs of being the Manu who played in Game 3. Oh, the drama of basketball! [UPDATE] The Spurs are really struggling. Manu is 0 for 4. Parker and Duncan and Barry are the only people keeping them afloat and they are not finding things easy. End of the first half 53-47. [UPDATE] 93-91, Lakers won. I am upset of course but more because of the fact that the Spurs didn't seem to WANT to win. They played poorly and I am disappointed to say that they really didn't deserve to win.

Another Night With the Boys

Hannah called me earlier this afternoon and urgently asked me to have Jer pick up the kids because an electric pole (complete with transformers!) fell in the street. I don't know how that can happen but it did and so they have no electric till it gets fixed. Anyhow, Jer picked them up and we went out for dinner at Fazoli's. I love it when Silas tries to emulate whatever his Kuya Jer does. Look at the way he's eating his pizza! How long they're staying for this time, I don't really know but I am a bit apprehensive because the boys are going to be left at home alone. Well, not really alone as they would be with Jerry and Jamu but I am afraid I might get home and find all sorts of things have happened! With Jerry wanting a pet for so long and with the kids here as an excuse, I might just come home to pets everywhere - kittens, puppies, all sorts of things. Not to mention cat supplies and toys! It's past bedtime - time to be a mommy! ;)

Thinking of Our Own House

Yesterday, Livi was talking about moving to their own house pretty soon. They have been working on that house for about a year now, I think, and they didn't seem to have solid plans of moving in anytime soon - at least until yesterday. Anyhow, that got me thinking. We've been renting since we got married. I know that in the future, I would like to own a house - not a condo, not an apartment. I want a medium-sized house that I could call home. I want a yard where the kids can play and where the dogs can run. I want at least 2 bathrooms. I want my own office or library. I want a very nice kitchen. I want a patio with teak patio furniture . The ideal place would be in an island, within easy access to the beach front. Yes I am dreaming right now but who knows? Maybe someday (soon I hope!) I'll have what I want.

We Talk, We Listen

I have always known that communication is an essential part of marriage. You stop communicating and your marriage is headed for trouble. I have never been a good communicator - orally, that is. I dislike expressing my thoughts and feelings unless I do so in writing. Jerry is the opposite. I guess that's why we encounter rough sailing at times. The past week or so is the perfect example of learning how to communicate for both of us. It is hard enough that we are from different cultural backgrounds. It is hard enough that we are two very different people. Yet, once again, communication has proven to be the key to getting past these differences. I am just thankful that we both are taking steps towards effective communication. We're not experts - far from it! - but we're learning. That counts, doesn't it?

SA SPURS - LA LAKERS Game 3 @ Home

I didn't wake up in time to watch the tip off but caught most of the 1st quarter. Manu made back to back shots to cut the lead down to one! Looks like he is getting his game back! The Spurs' defense looks tighter and they are hustling much better. I really don't want to get my hopes up but they HAVE to win this game and the next. [UPDATE] End of the first half and it's looking good for the Spurs (49-39). Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and of course, Manu Ginobili are playing like the stars that they are. Manu has made several 3 pointers already! I am hoping this continues till the end of the game. [UPDATE] End of the third quarter and we're still doing great at 69-57. Manu really is the fire starter of the team - no doubt about that now. He has made 25 points in 19 minutes! [UPDATE] Final score 103-84!!! Manu finally got his game going and everyone else followed suit. Justin proved to be right. I hope this holds through the next few games.

My Aching Feet...

We had a great time with the boys this afternoon. We met Silas, Sam, and Gio at SM North for some quality time with them. First we ate - we couldn't decide where to eat so we asked Silas to pick. It was funny watching him try to decide. He just stared at the various restaurants line up side by side for a few minutes and then turned to us and said "I don't know." So we ended up at Mexicali. I was not able to take pictures as the kids were a handful! Sam wanted everyone's food and kept staring and grabbing. Silas and Gio kept burning themselves on the sizzling plate. I think they had fun though. After eating, we headed over to World of Fun - I didn't realize that SM doesn't have a Timezone. Of course, we had to stop by the wash room - Sam ate too much I guess and did a number 2. Thank God for Gemalyn as I wouldn't have been able to change Sam's nappies! Anyhow, we managed to have some fun at WOF even though the games were very limited and i

This Thing Called Marriage

I was reading a favorite blog of mine the other day - Husbandclothes - and it got me thinking. Holly wrote about funny ideas that she had about marriage - way back when she was single, I assume. The thing about her list is that, I have to admit, I thought about some of the things there as well! I thought that I would be stronger, wiser, and more practical than those who have gone before me. I thought that I could hold on to my beliefs and principles no matter what. I knew - without a doubt - that I would be able to handle anything that came my way. I would be able to be a loving wife no matter what. I would be able to argue calmly and not lose my temper. I would be able to see beyond the imperfections of our relationship. I would be able to do these things and more. I couldn't have been more wrong! Marriage is a wonderful thing yet it does warp a lot of beliefs that you held to be true when you were single. Marriage teaches you a lot of things - about life, about other

Am I Weird?

One day at work, Vicki told me that I was weird. Today, as I was lying down in bed, it came back to me and I thought about how I could be weird. Some things that came to mind: -I have a strong dislike for shopping. -I don't go gaga over jewelry. Not that I don't appreciate them, I do like them sometimes, especially handcrafted jewelry . I don't go out of my way to acquire jewelry, though. -I don't like going out of the house. -I like going to the beach and spending most of my time reading (alone). I can go on and on... Funny thing, though, I ran across a quiz on Blog Things it said that I am 40 percent weird. That I am normal enough to know that I'm weird...But too damn weird to do anything about it! Go figure!

Hiding from Daylight

Saturdays have always been busy for me - not unlike my weekdays. The main difference is that I normally stay at home. Today has been quite different. For some reason, I just could not muster much motivation to work. Oh, I tried. I stared at my computer screen for hours. I even planned on going out for a bit to get my blood going but to no avail. Today, my bedroom was my world. It was not all that unproductive, though. For one, I was able to catch up on some reading. Another thing I realized is that my bedroom is quite bare. At one point, I found myself staring at nothing but white walls, the white cabinets, and the white ceiling. The room is screaming for decorations. Perhaps I can start with a simple sconce for the wall. Anyhow, it is almost midnight and my lethargy is starting to fade - I think.

SA SPURS - LA LAKERS Game 2 Underway

It has started. I really hope that the story will have a different ending today. It's just the first half and the Lakers are up by 4. One big change in the Spurs' strategy is that Manu is not starting - just like the old days. Perhaps coming in from the bench will make a difference. We'll see. I am still half asleep... [UPDATE] Start of the second quarter - Manu does not seem to be doing anything right. He has had a couple of turnovers, several missed shots, and just got called for an offensive foul. Oh my. [UPDATE] Half time - LA 46 SA 37. The Spurs need to do something! I think their shooting percentage is about 38%! For the last 9 minutes of the 2nd quarter, only Duncan and Parker scored. What is happening? I cannot believe for one moment that the Lakers are better than the Spurs! [UPDATE] LA 74 SA 57. It doesn't look good but there's still the 4th quarter. And it's merely the second game after all. GO SPURS! [UPDATE] We lost by 30 points - 1

I am a Life Blogger!

I guess it's about time for another blog quiz. You Are a Life Blogger! Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary. If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible. What Kind of Blogger Are You? I am sure about the first and second sentences. About the third - I am working on it. ;)

How Effective is KFC's New Commercial?

If you can judge by our (Jer, Jun, and myself) reactions this morning, you could say that the new ads from KFC are quite effective! After an hour or so of watching Game 2 of the Pistons - Celtics series (with tons of KFC commercials during breaks), we just couldn't help ourselves. We had to call KFC and order some of that finger lickin' kickin' good chicken. Talk about suckers...makes me wonder about ads in general. No wonder those companies pay big bucks to market their products!

SA Spurs-LA Lakers Game 1 Underway

It has begun. A few minutes into the first quarter and we are up by 2 points. Justin said that the Spurs will NOT win any of the first two games in LA. We'll see. [UPDATE] Half-time and the score is 51-43 - Spurs on top. It's a comfortable lead and the guys are playing well but I am a bit anxious - Kobe has not really taken shots yet. If he starts getting hot in the second half, the lead might not be enough. [UPDATE] End of the third quarter - Kobe is doing it!!! They were behind by as much as 20 now it's less than 10! [UPDATE] Ginobili has to wake up! I hate Kobe! Why does he have to be this good? [UPDATE] You got to hand it to the Lakers...Congratulations, Nikki!

Crime Suspense Brings Relief

Not being able to watch Game 7 of the San Antonio Spurs - NewOrleans Hornets series really got to me. As such, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out a way that I could watch Game 1 of the SA Spurs - LA Lakers series. I really do not want to spend hours surfing channels and seeing only the golfers and their golf equipment on TV. Not that I have anything against other sports - it's just that I really want to watch all the games of the Spurs starting with the Western Conference Finals. Thank God for Crime Suspense then. I think they used to be RPN 9. It's on local TV so that means I will be able to watch it even on SkyCable. Oh, and thanks to Justin for pointing this out to me. It seems that all the NBA games will now be shown locally until the season ends. Woohoo!

Food Tripping in Puerto Galera: Luca's at Talipanan Beach

When I first heard of "the other side" of Puerto Galera, one of the things that stuck to my mind was Luca's. A colleague told me about this little Italian restaurant at the end of Talipanan Beach. He insisted that if there is one place we should eat at, it was Luca's. Of course, being the lovers of Italian food that we are, we were hell bent on going there at least once. We were fortunate enough to have met friends on our first day at the beach - thanks to Jerry's extremely extroverted nature - and Jerry got them all excited about Luca's as well. What we didn't know was that Luca's was quite far from Tamaraw Beach, that is if you take the road, which we did. I imagine that it would have been easier and faster if we could have walked on the beach but there was this huge boulder in between Tamaraw Beach and Talipanan Beach. So, unless we wanted to swim around it, we had to take the road. Anyhow, the resort offered their van. Since there were 8 of

SA SPURS: On to the Western Conference Finals

It's official! The Spurs are moving on to the Western Conference Finals. This is going to be good as they are going against the Lakers (the team which I dislike the most - sorry Nikki!). Yahoo's scoreboard (yup, I had to be content with this, dang SkyCable!):

SA SPURS/SkyCable Frustration

Why can't SkyCable have Basketball TV again? I hardly watch TV but we got SkyCable anyway and one of the main reasons is the NBA! Some months ago, for some reason, Basketball TV was removed from their roster. For NBA fans - Spurs and Hornets fans, especially - today is a big day. It's Game 7 of the Western Conference Semis! Here I am, hoping against hope the ESPN or Star Sports or even Balls would show the game...I am reduced to "watching" the game on Yahoo Sports. Oh well, it's half time and we're up by 9. GO SPURS!

Monday at Home

It feels weird. I am used to being at work on weekdays but today, my back kept me from leaving the house. I promised myself that I would go to the doctor today if my back still hurt - and I was really going to. Alright, I have to admit it - I have a strong aversion toward hospitals. Though I had made up my mind to see the doc today, I somehow found myself taking more painkillers and sleeping it off instead. I feel somewhat better tonight - really. I was even able to do a bit of work today while lying in bed. It wasn't such a bad Monday after all. One last thing - I really wish I could work from home full time.

Thinking of Travel Insurance for the Next Trip

Now, I am not sure that my back pain was brought about by something that happened on our vacation. All I know is that I felt excruciating pain on the 3rd day of the trip. It went away when I took pain killers but it came back with a vengeance several days later. It's been a little more than a week now and the pain is still there. It has subsided a bit - it only hurts when I sit in a certain position or when I move suddenly. Still, it is hindering me from functioning normally. This led me to thinking...maybe next time, I should get travel health insurance . I don't really want to be pessimistic but you never know what might happen. Next time, it might be more than back pain.

Of Grumpy Partners

Warning: For wives (or girlfriends) only!!! My husband seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I don't understand how that can happen because our futon is pushed up against the wall so he ALWAYS gets up from the same side of the bed... (poor attempt at humor, his grumpiness is getting to me) Anyhow, as I sit here watching him play GTA IV and getting grumpier by the minute, I find myself catching his grumpy spirit. I have raised my voice to the kids several times - go take a shower, make sure your hair's dry, what do you want for lunch?, come out and answer me or else you will not get any food... Is it just me or do you get affected by your partner's moods as well? (Dang, the cops are getting him - even GTA IV is not helping his mood right now!)

Router Problems

Ever since we got the PS 3, our wireless router has been getting a very good workout. Add to that the laptop and the desktop, and sometimes, things get complicated. Jerry has been grumpy all afternoon because suddenly, for no reason at all, the PS 3 would not connect to the Internet. It kept saying DNS error. My laptop would act up every once in a while as well. I am thinking that it might be the router that needs to be replaced. I am currently looking at my options. Perhaps a used cisco router would be a good choice this time. Any suggestions?

Poppa Jerry's Burgers

Every time talk of babies come up, it is always Jer who says he wants one. Now that we have two boys in the house for the weekend, I think that he just might change his mind - if he hasn't already. (more about that later) It's not that we are not having fun - it's actually the opposite. Jer has been wonderful with Silas and Gio. He even made lunch (something that he hardly ever does)! I guess having the kids help him with it was part of the fun. Jer's burgers are something that he is very proud of - and rightly so. The patties are about an inch thick - maybe a little less - and are made of pure beef. They put the Big Mac to shame! We all just finished lunch and are playing with our own toys now...

Weekend With The Kids

Just a quickie - left work a little bit early tonight. My back is killing me, I don't know why. It's a bit better now as I have been dosing myself with painkillers. ;) Anyhow, Jer picked up Gio and Silas - they're spending the weekend with us. We ate dinner out and now we're just hanging out at home, playing video games. I love how Jer is teaching Silas how to play with the PS3 - he is just so impatient sometimes, though. :(

Insuring Valuables

I've never been one to place much value on insurance. Oh, I totally understand how important insurance can be but it was not until recently that I really started taking steps towards getting my own insurance policies. It started with the medical insurance for both Jerry and myself. Then I got a life insurance cum retirement plan policy. The other day, though, this text message circulated - I am sure you have heard about it. Supposedly, an American entity predicted that an earthquake was going to hit Manila. Even though I knew that it was a hoax - earthquakes can't be predicted as yet, right? - it still made me think. What if, indeed, something happens? That made me think about our other valuables that would be irreplaceable unless I take out insurance on them. So right now, I am thinking about various insurance policies - from appliance insurance to car insurance .

Food Tripping in Puerto Galera: Tutti Frutti

The sound of the gently crashing waves, the warmth of the sun, the slightly pungent smell of the sea air, and the mouthwatering smell of pizza - our senses were treated to these each time we visited Tutti Frutti. We heard about it from Jerry's friend, Ali, but we didn't really go out of our way to find it. It was thus a pleasant surprise when we stumbled upon this little restaurant right next to Tamaraw Beach Resort. We had just finished swimming for the night and were enjoying each other's company when the bright lights and the thumping beats of a fire dancer's show caught our attention from a distance. We decided to walk over and see what it was all about. It's a good thing we did - we saw the store and Jerry mentioned needing cigarettes so we headed over. That's when we saw the sign Tutti Frutti and we remembered what Ali was talking about. It was way too late to have a bite so we decided to go over for lunch the next day. One meal and we were hooked.

Cry For Help: Tito Lito

Filipinos are known to be very close to their families - and we are not an exception. We are perhaps even closer than normal. As such, at this time, when our uncle (Tito Lito) is facing one of the most challenging times in his life, we all come together to help out in any way we could. Hannah, my sister, has already posted an entry in her blog and now it's my turn. Tito Lito had an angiogram over the weekend and the findings show that he has 5 clogged veins. In fact, there are 6, but the 6th is quite minor compared to the other 5. The doctor recommends that angioplasty be done soon. We would have had it done immediately if we had the means but they require about PhP 1 Million for the procedure! Our Tito Lito is a government employee, and so is his wife, Tita Arni. We all know how little the government pays. They have three children - Angel, who is in college, Gio, who is entering high school, and Silas, who is in grade school. With the normal expenses that they have,

In Search of Good Luggage

Though Jer and I may not travel as much as other people do, we have had our fair share of traveling over the past few years. As a result, our trusty pieces of luggage are starting to show the effects of wear and tear. The black carry-on bag Jer normally uses has a broken wheel while the duffel bag I usually carry has torn zippers. It's time to get new luggage, don't you think? I have been looking on the Internet to see what options we have and Swiss Army luggage has caught my eye. They have a very wide selection - various styles, colors, and sizes. I have to check them out at stores pretty soon before we go on our next trip.

Food Tripping in Puerto Galera: White Beach

Whenever we go on vacation, we always look forward to the food experience. When we go to the beach, we look for (you guessed it) seafood. This is the biggest disappointment for this trip. I don't know why, but seafood is hard to find in Puerto Galera! The resort's restaurant had tanigue when we first came but one slab cost Php300! After that, they rarely had fish. On our first night, we went to White Beach to sample a more varied fare but all we saw was grilled meat - pork, beef, and chicken - but only a handful of poor looking seafood. I was determined to find good seafood, though, so we went back the next day. I was in for more disappointment. I had to stick to good old liempo. Persistent me, I dragged Jer back to White Beach the following day. This time, our efforts were rewarded. Peter's Inn and Restaurant had ONE slab of blue marlin steak and believe me, we snapped it up before you could say blue marlin! See for yourself: That's garlic butter sauce on the

Tamaraw Beach: An Island Paradise

You know how you see those small patches of beaches on TV with no people in it? That's what Tamaraw Beach seemed like to me - except for Saturday, that is. We arrived there on Thursday and stayed till Monday and I can say that we found a keeper! As I mentioned in the last post about the beach, the sand is not really white - nothing compared to Boracay - but the ambiance of the place is something else. Plus, for the price they charge you for the rooms, it is really worth it. There are two general types of accommodations at the resort - the hotel rooms and the cottages. We wanted the cottages but they were all booked for the weekend so we had to make do with a room on the third floor of the hotel. I was not disappointed, though. The room was big, with two double beds and 2 extra cots. It was obvious that they cater to families but couples will certainly enjoy the extra space. In our room, we had a nice and clean bathroom with hot water (no bathtub though), cable TV, and a per

Another Step Towards Financial Stability

I wrote about insurance yesterday and I am proud to say that I am taking other concrete steps towards financial stability. Believe it or not, I am starting with something quite simple and sometimes overlooked - budgeting and planning . My mom always talked about budgets - creating them and sticking to them. I know all about the theory, believe me, but putting one into action is not as easy as it seems. It takes will power and the determination to stick to your plan. Then again, this is the first step and I am taking it one day at a time.

Looking to the Future

I've never been one to make long term plans - concrete plans, that is. I like to live one day at a time but I realized lately that I should at least have an insurance policy to take care of things in case something happens to me. It is not being morbid, I think. It is simply being practical and planning ahead so that those I leave behind would not have to worry more than they should. I have started looking into various kinds of insurance policies - believe me, there are a LOT out there. From variable term insurance to term insurance - you can find just about any policy to meet your needs. I think that this is a concrete step to being a more responsible adult, don't you?

Destination: Puerto Galera (Tamaraw Beach)

I had my doubts about going to Puerta Galera for this vacation but time and financial constraints didn't leave us with too many choices. As it turned out, it was one of the best vacations we've ever had! We stayed at the Tamaraw Beach Resort - found it on the Internet and was subsequently recommended by friends. The beach is located in between two other beaches - White Beach (the more popular location in PG) and Talipanan Beach. The sand is not white, but neither is it black - let's say that it has a brownish hue. The waves were relatively huge, especially when compared to Boracay and Baras (in Guimaras). The resort itself, though, is something to be quite happy about. (more about this later) First view of Tamaraw Beach Resort So how did we get there? We took a bus in Cubao - the bus station is behind Ali Mall. Christene, a friend from work, suggested taking the bus line Alps. It took us directly to Batangas Pier and the bus ride took about 2.5 hours. It would be

On Alcohol

One of the hardest things in life is to admit that we have a problem and to take steps towards solving that problem. I came to this realization over the weekend as I spent a lot of time reading (yes, on the beach!) and one of the characters in the book struggled with a problem regarding drinking. I know full well that it was but fiction, however, I couldn't help but realize that this thing is happening in real life as well. How many people are suffering from this kind of problem? How many are aware of it? More so, how many are doing something about it and actually seek alcohol rehab ? It's an unsettling subject - not an ideal one for relaxing, but sometimes, you can't get away from the realities of life, can you?

Welcome Back To The City

The past 5 days have been spent in a newly discovered paradise. For many, I think Puerto Galera is not an attractive place to visit anymore. However, the place we went to for our summer vacation was, for the lack of a better word, great. We have just gotten back home so I will put off writing about the vacation later on when I have settled down - I have TONS of material for blog posts! Anyhow, what I wanted to write about is the huge difference between the city and the province. We never had a stressful moment at the beach - even with the vendors bugging us left and right and more than one person trying to rip us off. On the other hand, we hadn't been in the city for more than several hours when we had one of the most stressful encounters with a cab driver (of course, what can I expect?). Here I am dreaming of the beach again...

A Day At The Manila Ocean Park

I have been meaning to write about our little family trip to the Manila Ocean Park for more than a month now - just didn't have the time to do so until now. I was told not to expect much by Livi. She went there with her husband and baby daughter and said that it was just "ok." I still thought a trip would be nice, especially since not one of us had ever been to an ocean park - with the exception of Jerry, of course. So how was the experience? I have to say that the park itself was nice. It is true that the fish were still small. The sharks were quite disappointing, actually. Still, Silas and Sam were awed by the whole experience so it was worth it. Isn't that beautiful? My beef is this - the park has absolutely NO system when it came to touring the premises. They just let people in in droves. As a result, we were all squished and pushed like sardines in a can. I hope that they will do something about that. We just might go back for a visit when there are mor

Give Me Motivation, Please!

It's summer time and we all know what that means - time to hit the beach! We are actually going to the beach for a week (that's why you may not see updates for the next few days) and since we started planning the trip, I have been telling myself to ride my exercise bike every day. I got this elliptical bike months ago but it has not been used much lately. Ellipticals are much better than the regular exercise bikes because they are easier on the joints. For me, though, it is not the comfort that is the problem - it's the motivation. Even going to beach didn't seem enough to push me! Help?

End of DHL-Customs Ordeal

FINALLY! We got the box around noon today. After 6 days of waiting and nagging DHL, we got the box. This is the most beautiful screen shot I have ever seen, I think:

Frustration Galore - DHL and Customs

Is it ever going to end? Perhaps I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We spent hours on the phone trying to reach the DHL person at Clearance this morning. The line was either busy or they didn't pick up. After about 2 hours of trying to call, we got a text message saying that an affidavit of ownership has been attached to the parcel and that it was up for re-assessment. At the end of the message, it said POSSIBLE delivery tomorrow between 9 am to 12 nn. What the heck is that supposed to mean? And POSSIBLE delivery? Isn't 5 days of waiting enough? Minutes after that, I got in touch with JV, the girl from Clearance. She assured me that we would be getting the package tomorrow before lunch. I hope she's right. The online tracking tool still shows:

More On Pills

While we're on the subject of pills...I have seen news features on TV about guys peddling "interesting" pills for males in certain parts of Manila. I didn't really think we'd have our own encounter, though. We were walking along Makati Avenue with some friends because we wanted to get some burgers and milkshakes at the famed Filling Station. We haven't been there before and we were quite excited so we didn't really pay attention to our surroundings. Imagine my surprise when this guy suddenly approaches Jerry - with me right beside him! - and asks him "Sir, Viagra, sir?" For those of you who might not know what it is (I can't imagine who doesn't know about Viagra), it is a pill to help deal with male impotence. There are other brands such as Cialis (main ingredient Tadalafil ). Anyhow, I couldn't control my laughter. I just burst out laughing - more at my husband's face! He looked just about ready to give the guy a smack i

I Missed a Pill!!!

This might be oversharing for some but I can't help it! Right after I posted the DHL update, I went to the fridge to get a drink and guess what I saw? My pack of BCP! For the first time, I missed a pill!!! (Needless to say, water spewed all over the kitchen...) Believe me, I am very very conscientious when it comes to taking the pill. Getting pregnant is NOT on my list right now. Of course, this prompted me to do research and this is what I found ( thanks NZGirl ): If it is more than 12 hours late, take the missed active pill as soon as you remember even if you take two active pills in one day. Take your next pill at the usual time and discard any earlier missed pills. It’s important that you use another contraceptive method until you have taken 7 consecutive active pills. If the pack has less than 7 active pills take all active pills as normal, then throw the pack away (do not take the sugar pills) and immediately start a new pack taking an active pill from the corresponding

DHL Update

I didn't really expect anything miraculous to happen on a weekend with regard to the package we are waiting for. Yet it still irked me to no end when we didn't see any change in the status of the package all day yesterday! Yeah, it is in the hands of Customs now, BUT it is DHL's responsibility to take care of this matter and to inform their clients of what is going on! It was only this morning that we got an update: No good news for us today it seems! Help me in calling out to the Universe that the package will arrive tomorrow or Tuesday please! I hate it when things are not under my control... (ha ha control freak in the making!)

Wonder Woman or Green Lantern?

Ha ha...I have always liked her. My results show Green Lantern but Wonder Woman has the same percentage - I choose the latter: Your results: You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 80% Wonder Woman 80% Spider-Man 70% Hulk 70% Robin 70% Catwoman 65% Superman 60% Supergirl 55% The Flash 50% Iron Man 40% Batman 35% Hot-headed. You have strong will power and a good imagination. Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz... I saw this quiz on Nikki's blog .

There Goes My Vacation?

PLEASE NO ! I only take major vacations twice a year. I look forward to these times as I work hard year round and it is only during these breaks that I can totally forget my work load. Work hard, play harder - totally cliche but true as well. Anyhow, you saw the DHL post I had earlier. We had a box shipped from the U.S. last Wednesday and according to the agreement with DHL, it should have been delivered today (3 days express shipping). Of course, being the eager beavers that we are, we constantly track the status of the box. The last update? 2.56 this morning. Status? Clearance delayed. Countless calls to DHL have yielded nothing. First it was this: "Oh it's a routine check by Customs. It will be released soon." Then it became this: "Customs has it, there is nothing we can do. We cannot assure when the box will be released." Then Jerry called and got a teeny bit of info - the name and number of the Customs Agent who is supposed to be handling

For Post Grads Only?

I don't know how they measure this but take a look at my blog's reading level: Movie Reviews It probably does not mean anything but I like the sound of it - post grad level, hmmm... I stumbled upon this by way of Brownie Mom - thanks!

DHL Frustration

When Jerry wants something, he has to get it. Take GTA IV for example. Ever since word got out that it was going to be released this April, he was hell bent on getting it on the night it was going to be released. Of course he did - he reserved it 6 months in advance and had Dad and Karen get it the night they released it. I was a bit irked at first, but only because it cost us $200 - for the game and shipping combined. But oh well, it's GTA IV. Now we're frustrated. Dad shipped it through DHL Wednesday night. It should be here by now - that's why people pay big bucks to use DHL, right? Well, take a look at this: It's been like that since 2.56 this morning. What are they doing? There is nothing illegal in that box - a DVD game, toothpaste, and soap! The frustration is getting to me!!!


Yesterday, we did something that we have not really done for years - just sit down and relax without the TV or any other distractions. Jer used to hate doing that. He cannot keep still for a long time. Yesterday, though, we were both kinda tired so we just lounged around the house and actually TALKED. Oh it was not a serious talk, we just talked about nothing and everything. I feel that we have re-connected once again. It is a good feeling. Somehow, it helps in overlooking the times you had your differences. It helps give you the strength to face whatever other obstacles that would come. We should do it more often. I suppose I can say that yesterday was one heck of a Labor Day (never really paid attention to this day before).