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My Worst (Work) Nightmare

It happened once and it happened again - the hard drive in my laptop crashed! When it happened a month or so ago, I was not that alarmed. The IT guys were able to fix it in a snap. Today, though, it seemed as if it was not going to be fixed! They were all alarmed and were saying that since the laptop is still under warranty, they would just have to replace the hard disk.

That's fine - except that I had tons of files on the hard disk. Since this is my work laptop I am talking about, you can just imagine what a disaster that would be if recovery of the files was not a possibility!

I prayed - hard - and thank God, they were able to do something about it. A word of warning was given to me, though. The hard disk seems bound to fail any time so I should back up my files.

Burn session all day for me!


  1. I have had nothing but computer problems for the past few months and it is so frustrating. I am glad to have my external hard drive now and need to back it up every night now!

  2. Tell me about it - now my home PC keeps restarting itself. Needs new memory I think. Maybe it's time to get a new one!

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