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Life is a dream...

...and all dreams must end upon waking up. So the Aiel believe. If you are a Robert Jordan fan, you would know what I am talking about. I am in the process of re-reading the series in anticipation of the last book, which is supposed to be finished by his son sometime in the future. I don't have much spare time to read so I grab any chance that I can find.

Today, I found it quite apt that as I was reading Book 5 on the way to a colleague's wake, I read that line. The series may be nothing but fantasy, but who is to say that insights from it cannot be related to real life?

As we navigated our way through Manila's awful Friday traffic jam, I sat there in the van thinking. Life is indeed some kind of a dream - sometimes everything is all bright and rosy and you don't want to wake up. Other times, things become nightmarish, making you want to end it all. Yet other times, things seem to go by so quickly you are not even aware of what is going on.

One thing I realized - which I am sure many other have done so before me - life is something that we have only for now. It is something that we have a certain degree of control over and whatever measure of control we have, we should use it to the fullest. Everything else should be taken in stride.

Thank you, God for giving me the chance to live this dream and for giving me the opportunity to grow in the face of adverse circumstances. One day, I, too, shall wake from this dream. Yet while I am still deep in slumber, I shall walk my dreams the best I can.


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