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I Was This Close... coming home with a new laptop. Jer and I went to Megamall to get a memory module for the desktop PC (Tori is her name). She has been acting up and wouldn't stop restarting so we thought we'd get the memory today and see if it fixes things. We're planning on getting a laptop in June but in the meantime, we want Tori up and working well.

Everything was just fine - until we were on our way out and we saw the Acer store. The center display was calling my name:

When it first came out, I had my eyes on it. It was way too expensive for me, though. It still is, actually. They have this promo where they have a a whole bunch of things with it - plus this beauty:

Jer fell in love with it.

He's such a good salesman. We stood there and talked with the saleslady and played with the laptop and monitor for a while and I was so close to giving in - giving in to myself, to Jer.

Practicality won - it usually does. I have other things to tend to, more important things than getting myself this laptop that I really really want (and am surely going to use a lot).

I still want it, though. :(


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