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Big Love Leaves Me Confused

I don't get it - I just don't! We were supposed to spend this weekend watching the second season of Criminal Minds but Livi forgot to give me the DVD. So we ended up watching the first season of Big Love instead.

Hannah has been telling me how funny it is - and she was right. Jer and I found the series quite entertaining and we finished the whole season in one weekend. However, I just can't come to terms about how those women could adjust to the situation. No, they were more than adjusted - they seemed to like it, even treasure the arrangement.

Now I know that it is just a TV show - it is not real life. Then again, this has happened, and is probably happening today. How is it possible? Am I being close minded? Is my understanding being limited by my upbringing and what I consider to be right and wrong?

I should stop thinking too much and just enjoy the show for what it's worth, no? I can't wait to watch the second season...


  1. Actually it still does happen in real life. I don't know about the Big Love set up though because from what I've seen on the news recently it's happening inside polygamist no news about "liberal polygamists". Anyway here's a link to the latest news on the US polygamist raid in Texas :

    So far I don't know what will happen to Big Love because of this. Anyway I personally don't have anything against polygamists but I don't think I can ever be one. I'll probably strangle a sister wife out of jealousy. As for the child brides I definitely think it is wrong. This is a very sticky situation for Texas. Whatever happens I hope the children do not come out too traumatized.

  2. I like it can't wait to get season 2.

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