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Holy Thursday/Good Friday

Growing up indeed changes many things.  When my sister and I were single and living with our parents, it was a given that we spent these 2 days together, usually in church or some other related activity.  This year, I spent Thursday working.  It was pleasant, though.  There were only a few of us at the office and we got some things done - albeit not very efficiently as it simply not a day when we felt like working. ;)

Friday, the whole family went to Manila Ocean Park.  We were originally supposed to go to Batangas but our plans fell through.  The Park was quite fun though, especially since among us, only Jerry had been to any other ocean park before.  Silas and Sam had a blast - and so did Mom and Dad, I think.  The only drawback was that there were so many people it got irritating after a while.  After an hour or so, we got out of the Park and looked for an open restaurant - only to end up at McDonald's as everything was closed.

It was a fun day - we were so tired, though, that we fell asleep in the afternoon and I just now woke up.  Back to writing!  Tomorrow is a long day - shopping and more eating I guess. :)


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