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Blogging Crossroad


I started this blog for myself. I have always loved writing and for 3 years (roundabouts) now, I have been working as a freelance writer and maintaining a lot of blogs - all of which are not really mine. When I started this blog in August last year, I was near burning out, I think. I had a lot on my plate - both at work and at home - and sometimes, I thought that I could not handle things anymore. Then I remembered how I made myself feel better as a teenager. I'd take a sheet or two of yellow pad and I would write down my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I kept the sheets. Sometimes, I'd throw them away. The results were the same - I'd feel much better after letting out my emotions. So why not make use of the technology that I use for a living to make my life easier to deal with?

It worked - to a certain extent. Writing on paper is one thing - blogging and publishing your thoughts for the world to see is something else. I realize now that I am not quite ready for this. A certain part of my thoughts and feelings are only for me to see, but I can't stop blogging. I love writing - both as a job and for myself. So which fork on the road to take?

I think I shall continue with this personal blog and just write down whatever I feel comfortable sharing. I may not be sticking with my original idea of letting out my inner most feelings but who wants to read about that anyway? ;)


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