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A Visit to the Doctor

no coffee

I can't remember the last time I went to the doctor - until the other day, that is. I got to Eastwood early enough so I thought I would go to the bank to take care of some things first. It took me 30-45 minutes just to do a simple thing - what did I expect? Banks over here are like that. Anyhow, as each minute passed by I was getting more and more irritated and agitated. Soon enough, I felt my hyperacidity getting worse.

I was not feeling well in the first place but I guess my agitation made it worse and as I was walking out the bank, I felt this intense pain in my chest, spreading all the way up my back. I knew it was just heart burn as it has happened before but the pain was of a different level so I went to MD Eastwood.

Lucky me, they had no doctor till 3 pm and it was only 2. So down the stairs I went to look for Borough. I guess that by the time I got there I was already sweating and breathing really heavily so they took me straight to the procedure room once I told them I was having chest pains and that I couldn't breathe.

I have heard that Borough's service really sucks - you have to wait forever for the doctor to see you. Well I guess you just have to look really sick and tell them you're in such pain - they'll get right on it. They gave me oxygen, took an ECG (my heart's normal woohoo), got blood samples, and a urine sample. Afte 2 or 3 hours of resting in the room, my blood pressure (which was sky high when I arrived) went down to normal.

What stressed me a bit was that the doctor kept thinking I was pregnant so she was adamant that we get the results of the test before giving me medication. I was in pain but we had to wait. In the end, everything turned out fine. She just told me - get rid of cigs, coffee, and stress. So kill me now!

So here I am, reduced to half a cup of coffee in a day, 2 or 3 cigs (not bad, I really want to quit), bland food, and expensive medicine. Oh, the stress is just as present as it always has been - you can't have everythin, can you?


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