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Men Are Like Rubber Bands

I know I am YEARS late but I have only recently discovered the much acclaimed book, Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus. I know that it reached the peak of its hype many years ago and for that reason, maybe, I didn't really feel inclined to read it. I have this aversion to jumping into the bandwagon when it suits me, you know. Anyhow, my sister lent it to me last weekend and I have been reading several chapters each night before I went to bed. Last night I was reading about men being similar to rubber bands - that they have moments wherein the have to pull away and be by themselves.  Women should respect this need and let them go as they would always come back - better than they were before.  I don't know if I am interpreting this correctly but I realized that when Jer wants to go out and drink - not always with me, though he doesn't seem to mind when I go -  it's probably this stretching process at work.  I just need to learn to let go. And I did last night

At A Loss

Someone once told me that when you find yourself at a loss for words when writing, it may be that what you are feeling is too hard for you to face. It may be that what you are thinking is too frightening for you to see in black and white. You may not be ready to see your thoughts translated into something as tangible as written work. "You are screaming inside but you can't be heard." - Sarah McLachlan

A Visit to the Doctor

I can't remember the last time I went to the doctor - until the other day, that is. I got to Eastwood early enough so I thought I would go to the bank to take care of some things first. It took me 30-45 minutes just to do a simple thing - what did I expect? Banks over here are like that. Anyhow, as each minute passed by I was getting more and more irritated and agitated. Soon enough, I felt my hyperacidity getting worse. I was not feeling well in the first place but I guess my agitation made it worse and as I was walking out the bank, I felt this intense pain in my chest, spreading all the way up my back. I knew it was just heart burn as it has happened before but the pain was of a different level so I went to MD Eastwood. Lucky me, they had no doctor till 3 pm and it was only 2. So down the stairs I went to look for Borough. I guess that by the time I got there I was already sweating and breathing really heavily so they took me straight to the procedure room once I tol

Of Spooks and Sleep

Happy Halloween, I guess. I've never been one to celebrate this holiday to the extreme. I do welcome the days off work but this year, I had only one day off. I envy those who are on Philippine holidays - they only had to work 2 days this week! Unfortunately for me and Jer, the French and the Koreans do not take November 2 off. Well, I got almost 20 hours of sleep out of the single day off I had so I suppose that is some consolation. I can't believe I slept through a Spurs game - the first of the season, too! I was trying to stay awake in the middle of the afternoon but after a night with lots of wine (company Halloween party) and several hours more with Jer and friends and Earl at Gweilos, my body just needed sleep - and lots of it. I don't feel like going to work today, though. Since I didn't get to work yesterday (sleep), I kinda feel like I have lost my momentum. I did write a lot in advance for my blogs today so that's fine. I am sure when I get to