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Of Early Working Hours and Dreams

NOTE: I started this post last Wednesday but got caught up in work and had to stop.  Since I can't sleep anyway, I thought I'd finish it now.

This week has been kind of weird for me so far. Jerry started his training for a Korean company one floor down from the office. From Monday to Wednesday, he had to go to work from 9am to 6 pm.  Since I could pretty much adjust to his working hours, I decided to go to work at the same time for convenience.  It was difficult getting up at 6 in the morning to make coffee and prepare breakfast and lunch but we survived - we had to eat dinner out almost everyday, though, as we were exhausted by the time it was time to go home.

One realization for me is that it is actually nice to go to work during normal hours like normal people.  I suppose you just need to get used to the schedule.  What I didn't relish was having to jostle with the crowd in order to get a cab to go home.

On a different note...I still remember that dream I had on Tuesday night (or was it Monday night).  It was really weird - scary and pleasant at the same time.  I dreamt I had a baby.  I don't want one.  I know we can't handle being parents yet.  Maybe there will be a time for that in the future but definitely not now.

Anyway, I dream vivid dreams and when I wake up they affect how I feel...the baby in my dreams said "Mommy!" and that made me feel sort of warm.  Even as I recall the dream now, I recall the feeling - but not as strongly.  Right now my feelings are more on the irritated and letdown side.  (See previous post)  My disappointment is turning into something else.


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