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An Exercise in Self-control

I have never had high EQ.  I am the kind of person who cannot wait to get things done.  When I want something, I want it now.  So childish and immature, I know, and I am trying to overcome this attitude every single day.

Today, I am experiencing another struggle in this area. There are several things that I want done or resolved and I want it to happen as soon as possible - like, how about now?  However, there are certain things that are out of my control and all I can do is write e-mails and make phone calls to follow things up.

I promised myself that this week is going to be a rest week for me in terms of freelance writing.  I have been working a bit hard in the past months and it would be good to have a light load even for just a week.  Yet when I see that I do not have much to do, I can't help but panic.  Like right now, I have time to write in this blog!

I need to write my project manager and ask for more work.  I need to do that now.  I have to let him know I cannot NOT have something to do.  These thoughts and more like them are racing in my head.  Yet I am doing my best to curb those urges.  I am going to relax.  Ok, compromise.  If I don't get new assignments bu Thursday then I'll e-mail.  How's that?


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