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Testing the Waters

This is quite strange for me as, believe it or not, this is the very first blog which I can actually call my own.  It might not be that weird if I have not been writing for other people's blogs for the past year or so, but I have, so I am feeling a bit strange and uncomfortable.  I have always loved to write but I do not relish the idea that other people can read what I write about myself.  Yet today, my husband started his own blog and I thought that it is about time that I engage in this activity on a personal level.  After all, I have always believed that writing is therapeutic.

Now with my penchant for starting things and then dropping them - that is, unless other people are depending on me - this blog might not last and merely stagnate after a while.  Then again, that is thinking negatively.  I think that I shall try my best to de-stress this way.  We'll see.


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