She Got Me at Hello

Okay, I know that's bad, and it's inaccurate, too.

Truth be told, I stayed away from Adele's music for as long as I could. After all, I had (have?) enough drama in my life. I didn't need "I want to jump off a bridge" kind of music.

But get me, she did, with 21.

Now, "Hello" is doing it again.

Fans love it. Others make fun of it. Some say it took a lot of mixing and mastering to make her sound good. I call BS on the last one. Of course, some sound engineering was done, but watch her performance at the Royal Albert Hall, and you'll know why I made that call.

Adele Live At The Royal Albert Hall by SENSETVonair

Why am I writing about this again? I honestly have no answer except perhaps because Spotify kept playing it earlier today. Yup. It's all Spotify's fault.