The two puppies we got a month or so ago are growing up like crazy. They're much heavier now - with how much they eat, I really am NOT surprised! What's funny (sometimes irritating) is how full of energy they both are. I swear, if these puppies ran on batteries, they would have duracell procell aaa inside them. Lots of batteries.

Every time I go outside, they hear the screen door squeak. The reaction is always the same: two energized puppies bounding up the yard to nip and scratch my legs. Even as I enjoy my morning coffee, I have to make sure to pay attention to Summer and Nymeria. When I sit outside for my second - or third - cup, the two are always there as well.

This afternoon, I was surprised to observe them frolicking beside me, but not paying much attention to me. I was not complaining, as it was a rare occasion to actually sit there and enjoy the cool air without having to dodge sharp teeth. I did wonder what they were busy with, though.

Here's Nymeria.
Nymeria busy with something.

Pretty soon, Summer was there as well, looking very much as if she were a huntress.
Summer the Huntress
It didn't take me long to see what they were after: ANTS! My "spot" in the backyard is under a mango tree, which for some reason, always has ants at the base. Watching the puppies "hunt" ants. That was priceless.