This Little Boy Is Turning Five

Time is going by so fast, that it amazes me at times. If you had asked me, eight months ago, what I would have been doing now, I probably would have given a different answer. Time indeed does wondrous things.

So about this little boy named Sam. My only nephew (until 9 months down the road, when my sissy Hannah will give birth to her second child...more thoughts about that later) is turning five on Wednesday!

His birth was a milestone for our family in so many ways, and we have been blessed in ways we couldn't have imagined. This special - in more ways than one - kid still can't walk and talk, but the way he warms our hearts when he smiles and interacts with us can't be beat by anything else.

We're not having a huge party for him, but we're going to be together on this special day. We love you, Sam.