My Boys

Last weekend at this time, I was in a drug-induced stupor (legal drugs, mind you). Not in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever go through that experience. Now, a week later, I am looking back with a tinge of amazement. I got through that without the support I was waiting for, but the support that I got was even better, in some ways.
Who wouldn't feel better if a little boy kept peering at you through the hospital bed railing? I think what was going on in his head was: "Nana, why the heck are you in there? That's MY spot!"

(You see, Sam is a regular at hospitals; and it might very well have been the first time that he went to one as a visitor and not a patient.)
Of course, Silas had to show up as well. As it turned out, he was spending the week with Sam. He hated the hospital but he loved the "hi-tech" disinfectant dispenser by my door and all the food choices on the ground floor!

This Ryan Agoncillo-looking guy almost had me bust my seams. Gio's a grown boy now, but he's still the same old little boy in my mind.

Now that wasn't so bad at all, was it?