KFC Arroz Caldo

I bet KFCs in other countries do not have this dish. It's basically rice porridge with chicken. For me, this is comfort food at its finest. I haven't had it for the longest time but when I was a child, arroz caldo was a regular thing.

Now, decades later, I find it ironic that I can get this local dish from an American fastfood chain; not to mention the fact that I am eating it at 11 pm, after work. Arroz caldo is a traditional breakfast food, by the way. Maybe I need an appetite suppressant. I shouldn't really be eating this right before midnight. Oh well, it is so good!


  1. Nope, KFC's in the USA don't have that on the menu but it sounds good.

  2. It IS good, D. Comfort food at its finest!

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