Why Are Video Games So Addictive?

Sometimes I think that I have an addictive personality (not sure about the term). What I mean by this is that when I get to like something, I tend to depend on it a lot. Take writing. I think I am addicted to it. My jobs. I can't sit still for long without working. Then there are video games. Once I start playing, I find it hard to stop for sometime.

We already have a PSP and a PS3 and we also play PC games. Yet sometimes, I still find myself wanting to try other consoles. Maybe a Wii for Christmas? Or how about an xbox 360? I am sure that as great as the PS3 is, these other consoles have other unique things to offer - and to get addicted to.

Oooh, did I mention that there is this new mini laptop that has caught my attention? (More about that in the near future.)