Thursday, May 22, 2008

SA Spurs-LA Lakers Game 1 Underway

It has begun. A few minutes into the first quarter and we are up by 2 points. Justin said that the Spurs will NOT win any of the first two games in LA. We'll see.

Half-time and the score is 51-43 - Spurs on top.
It's a comfortable lead and the guys are playing well but I am a bit anxious - Kobe has not really taken shots yet. If he starts getting hot in the second half, the lead might not be enough.

End of the third quarter - Kobe is doing it!!! They were behind by as much as 20 now it's less than 10!

Ginobili has to wake up! I hate Kobe! Why does he have to be this good?

You got to hand it to the Lakers...Congratulations, Nikki!

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