Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Just Moved!

I remember starting a blog on Blogger years ago - I never maintained it and I don't even remember the URL. Then last year, I created my personal blog on Wordpress, simply because I was more familiar with it due to my freelance writing jobs. Now I am back with Blogger.

How did this come about?

I decided to apply for --- last month and I got denied because my blog was Wordpress. So I decided to try Blogger once more. My biggest problem was importing my Wordpress blog to Blogger since I wanted my old posts to remain. I didn't realize that that would present a problem - it seems that everybody and their mom are migrating from Blogger to Wordpress but not the other way around!

Fancy my finding a tool that imported Wordpress blogs to Blogger. You can find it here:

I really appreciate whoever created this nifty tool. Here's to you!

Now, let's see how I settle in in my new home.

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